How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2026 Live Stream Online

To catch up with the Qatar 2022 action, there is a range of options available. Out of the many, two main Official Sports broadcast Fox Sports and NBC will provide live stream every world cup match.

You can also explore streaming platforms like Hulu, FuboTV, and DirectTV. They each have provisions for the Fox Sports channel. In this article you will know every match details about How to watch FIFA World cup live free from anywhere.

Event FIFA World Cup 2026
Host Country United States, Mexico, Canada
Dates Thu, Jun 11, 2026 – Sun, Jul 19, 2026
Teams 48
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How to Watch the World Cup 2026 Without Cable from the UK, USA, and Canada?

For most people looking to catch up with the happenings at Qatar 2022, where to watch  the competition could come as a major concern. This is because not many can afford to pay the fees charged by cable services and as such would prefer a cheaper alternative.

If you are one of those living in the UK, U.S or Canada who can’t afford the ridiculous subscription fees of these cable platforms and would rather save cost, then you are in luck. In this section of this article, we will be looking at affordable streaming platforms that offer Qatar 2022 events in the UK, U.S, and Canada.

How To Watch World Cup From UK

For the UK, most of the platforms that are authorized to show World Cup games are not affordable. However, the most accessible and affordable option in the UK is BBC iPlayer.

The BBC iPlayer is a popular streaming platform in the UK, that offers registered users a range of viewing services, ranging from TV Shows to Sports events. Thankfully, it is also projected to show the prospective World Cup games as well.

To have access to the platforms’ numerous services, all you have to do is sign up. Signing up takes less than five minutes and requires no charge from you. Once your account is open, you can simply optimize the search icon to find the World Cup games that you would like to watch.

One impressive feature of this platform is that it allows you to connect to TV devices. This would come in handy if you are looking to view from a larger screen as opposed to your mobile devices. To connect to a TV, it is advisable to check the site’s specifications for supported TV devices.

How To Watch World Cup From USA

If you are in the U.S, there are a truckload of  affordable streaming sites that offer viewership of World Cup Games.

  • Fox Sports

Fox Sports is the most popular option you can find around as far as affordable streaming platforms in the U.S is concerned. This platform has always been the go-to option for sports enthusiasts in the U.S looking to watch their favourite games.

Gladly, the World Cup is also on the offer for events that would be available at Fox Sports. While it is free to download the app, to get access to the games, you are expected to pay for a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription that allows you to stream the World Cup games is about $50, which is very affordable when compared to cable charges in the U.S.

  • Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a popular live streaming service in the U.S that offers a range of services from news, tv shows to sports. This streaming platform also has the Qatar 2022 World Cup events on its offer.

To get access to the platform, you are expected to download the app and sign up. This app is only available to those resident in the U.S. As it is the case with Fox Sports, you will be required to pay a subscription charge to be able to get access to the World Cup events available.

  • FuboTV

This is one Live TV service that’s renowned for providing one of the best streaming services in the US. The Fubo TV comes with a range of subscription packages that you can explore. However, the most affordable is the Starter which charges you $64. With the Starter package, you can have access to all of the FIFA World Cup games.

  • Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular TV streaming service that provides channels on different categories ranging from entertainment to live sports. This TV service also allows you to catch up on World Cup games as well. You can get access to the World Cup games at SlingTV for as low as $35.

  • Hulu TV

Hulu is a popular TV streaming platform that’s subscription-based. Though it is more popular for airing TV shows, it also allows you to have access to sports channels like Fox which makes it possible to watch the World Cup.

To get access to the diverse range of channels available on this platform, you will be required to pay $64 per month. It is very much worth it because it allows you access to 75 channels, including sports channels.

How To Watch World Cup From Canada

If you are in Canada, your best bet to watch live World Cup 2022 games is via the website. Most of the options available in Canada are cable-based options. However, by watching on the Fifa website, you can have access to World Cup games from anywhere.

The most exciting thing about watching via this means is that it requires no charge from you. All you simply have to do is sign in and navigate through the World Cup games for the one you would like to watch.

If you are a resident in any of the three countries discussed above, we want to believe this section is exhaustive enough in covering all the options you have to stream the World Cup games without cable.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Live Stream free

Fubotv have foxsports & nbc sports access, you need To sign up for a seven-day free trial, that is in FuboTV home page. Create an trial account and enter your zip code to ensure you get access to foxsports & nbc sports channels in your area & start free FIFA World cup live stream.

FIFA World Cup 2026 TV Channels

As we get closer to 2026, more and more broadcasters are announcing their plans to show live tournament coverage. Here, is a running list of the channels and networks confirmed as official FIFA World Cup broadcasters in various countries worldwide.

  • United States: Fox, Telemundo

Fox and Telemundo will share English- and Spanish-language broadcasting duties in the United States for the 2026 FIFA World CupFox won the rights for the last two World Cup tournaments after successfully outbidding other giants, including ESPN and NBC.

  • Canada: Bell Media, Rogers Communications

Canadian fans will be able to watch the 2026 FIFA World Cup on a variety of Bell Media and Rogers Communications channels. Bell Media’s CTV, TSN, and RDS properties will have English- and French-language coverage. Rogers’ Sportsnet channels will provide English-language broadcasts.

  • United Kingdom: BBC, ITV

The BBC and ITV will share the rights to broadcast the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the United Kingdom. The two networks have a long history of working together on major sporting events. This includes the Olympic Games and England’s home matches in international football tournaments.

  • Australia: SBS, Optus Sport

SBS has been the exclusive broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup in Australia since 1986, which will continue for the 2022 tournament in Qatar. SBS will again team up with Optus Sport to provide coverage of all 64 matches.

  • Germany: ARD, ZDF, Deutsche Telekom

ARD and ZDF have shared German-language broadcasting rights for the FIFA World Cup since 1970. That partnership will continue for Qatar 2022. Deutsche Telekom, meanwhile, has acquired the rights to stream all of Germany’s matches online.

  • Denmark: DRTV 2, TV 2

DRTV 2 and TV 2 will share broadcasting duties for the FIFA World Cup in Denmark. This will be the first time DRTV 2 has aired live coverage of the tournament, though it did show highlights of Denmark’s matches in 2018.

  • Brazil: TV Globo, SporTV

TV Globo is the largest broadcaster in Brazil, and it will once again be the home of the FIFA World Cup for Brazilian fans. SporTV, a subsidiary of Globo, will also have live coverage of all 64 matches.

  • France: TF1, beIN Sports

In France, broadcasting rights for the 2022 FIFA World Cup are shared by TF1 and beIN Sports. TF1 has been France’s primary broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup since 1978, which will continue for Qatar 2022. BeIN Sports will provide comprehensive coverage of all 64 matches on its various channels. TF.

It’s owned by the Bouygues group and is the country’s leading terrestrial television network. BeIN Sports is a subscription-based satellite and cable channel e in both standard and high definition.

  • Belgium: RTBF, VRT

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast on RTBF and VRT in Belgium. This will be the first time that RTBF has aired live coverage of the tournament, though it did show highlights of Belgium’s matches in 2018.

  • Netherlands: NOS

Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, simply known as NOS, is a Dutch Broadcasting Foundation that provides sports coverage. It covers a wide range of sports, including the Olympics and the Dutch Premier League.

These games are broadcasted through various channels, including television, radio, and through the internet. NOS is the official broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup in the Netherlands

  • Spain: RTVE, Mediapro, Movistar Plus+

This year’s tournament will be broadcast by a trio of networks: RTVE, Mediapro, and Movistar Plus+. RTVE, the country’s public broadcaster, will air all 64 matches live on its flagship channel, TVE 1.

Mediapro, a private broadcaster, will also air all 64 matches live, but on its pay-TV channel, Gol TV. Finally, Movistar Plus+, a pay-TV operator, will offer viewers the option to watch all 64 matches on its channels.

With so many options to choose from, Spanish football fans will have plenty of ways to catch every minute of the action.

  • Serbia: RTS

One of the latest additions to the list of official broadcasters is RTS, the national broadcaster of Serbia. RTS has a long history of broadcasting football, having aired matches from both the UEFA European Championship and the FIFA World Cup.

RTS also holds the rights to air Serie A, La Liga, and Champions League matches in the country. As a result, this media house is well-positioned to provide comprehensive coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. And with the Serbian national team having qualified for the tournament, there will be no shortage of interest in RTS’s coverage.

  • Switzerland: SRG SSR

The official broadcaster of the tournament in Switzerland is SRG SSR. They’re gearing up to provide comprehensive coverage of all the matches. Fans can expect live broadcasts of every game, as well as highlights and analysis from a team of expert commentators.

In addition, SRG SSR will be providing extensive coverage on its website and social media platforms. So whether you’re looking for live action or want to catch up on the latest news, make sure you tune in to SRG SSR for all the latest from Qatar 2022.

  • Croatia: HRT

HRT is the official Qatar 2022 World Cup broadcaster in Croatia. The public broadcaster will provide live coverage of all 64 games across its TV, radio, and online platforms. This marks the first time that HRT has been awarded the rights to broadcast a FIFA World Cup tournament.

HRT’s programming will include a daily highlights show, as well as full coverage of Croatia’s three group-stage games. In addition, HRT will produce a special weekly magazine show leading up to the tournament.

With a population of just over 4 million people, Croatia is one of the smallest countries to have ever qualified for a FIFA World Cup. However, the country has a rich football history. Its team has been one of the most successful in recent years. HRT’s coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup is sure to be popular with football fans across Croatia.

  • Argentina: TVP, TyC Sports

The official Qatar 2022 World Cup broadcasters in Argentina are TVP and TyC Sports. TVP is the country’s public television broadcaster, while TyC Sports is a private channel.

Both channels will have live coverage of all 64 matches, as well as highlights and other programming related to the tournament. TyC Sports will also produce a daily podcast about the World Cup. Both channels are available on cable and satellite television, as well as online.

  • South Korea: SBS, KBS, MBC

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast on SBS, KBS, and MBC in South Korea. This will be the first time that the World Cup will be broadcast on all three major Korean broadcasting channels. The last time South Korea hosted the World Cup was in 2002, and the games were only broadcast on KBS.

This time around, viewers will have more options to choose from. SBS is a terrestrial channel that is available for free-to-air viewing, while KBS and MBC are cable channels. SBS will be broadcasting live games, highlights, and other programming related to the World Cup. KBS and MBC will also be carrying live games

However, they will also offer additional tournament coverage, including player profiles and interviews, analysis, and behind-the-scenes features. With so many options to choose from, Korean viewers will be able to get their fill of World Cup action next year.

  • Japan: Dentsu, Abema

NHK will again be Japan’s primary broadcaster of the FIFA World Cup. This has been the official World Cup broadcaster for every tournament edition since 1974. Jsports, a subsidiary of Japanese media conglomerate Dentsu

  • Ecuador: Teleamazonas

Qatar 2022 is just around the corner, and Ecuadorian fans can follow all the action on Teleamazonas. As the official broadcast of the World Cup in Ecuador, Teleamazonas will provide comprehensive coverage of the tournament, with live matches, highlights, and analysis.

Teleamazonas will also be airing a special World Cup preview show, so fans can get all the information they need before the tournament starts. With its extensive coverage and knowledgeable commentators, Teleamazonas is the perfect way to follow all the action from Qatar 2022.

  • Uruguay: ANTEL,Canal 4, Canal 10, Teledoce, TyC Sports

Uruguay’s official Qatar 2022 World Cup broadcasters are ANTEL, Canal 4, Canal 10, Teledoce, and TyC Sports. All five channels will have live coverage of the tournament, highlights, and other programming related to the World Cup.

  • Senegal: RTS

The official broadcaster of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Senegal is RTS. RTS will have live coverage of all 64 matches, as well as highlights and other programming related to the tournament. RTS is available on terrestrial, satellite, and online platforms.

  • Portugal: RTP, SIC, Sport TV, TVI

The official broadcasters of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Portugal are RTP, SIC, Sport TV, and TVI. All four channels will have live coverage of the tournament, highlights, and other programming related to the World Cup. RTP is a terrestrial channel, while SIC, Sport TV, and TVI are cable channels.

  • Poland: TVP

VP is one of the country’s leading broadcasters, and it has a long history of broadcasting major sporting events. TVP was the official broadcaster of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

  • Mexico: Televisa, TV Azteca

Mexican broadcaster Televisa has been awarded the rights to broadcast the event in Mexico, and TV Azteca will also be showing games. Given that Mexico is one of the largest markets for soccer, this is a huge coup for both broadcasters.

  • Costa Rica: Teletica

Qatar’s world cup broadcaster is Teletica, a Costa Rican television network. They have the honor of broadcasting the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup and the 2026 FIFA World Cup (which will be held in North America). Teletica is also known for its high-quality programming and award-winning news coverage.

  • India: Viacom18, jio cinema

The official broadcasters of the FIFA World Cup in India are Viacom18 and Jio Cinema. They will be showing all 64 matches live, as well as highlights and other programming related to the tournament. Viacom18 is a leading media conglomerate in India, while Jio Cinema is a popular streaming service.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Broadcasting rights Short List by Country

World Cup broadcasting rights
Afghanistan ATN
Albania RTSH
Argentina TVP, TyC Sports
Armenia AMPTV
Australia SBS
Austria ORF, ServusTV
Azerbaijan İTV
Bangladesh T Sports
Belarus Belteleradio
Belgium RTBF, VRT
Bolivia Bolivia TV, Red Uno, Unitel
Bosnia and Herzegovina BHRT
Bulgaria BNT, Nova
Brazil TV Globo
Brunei Kristal-Astro
Cambodia TVK
Canada Bell Media
Caribbean SportsMax
Cayman Islands Logic
Central Asia Saran Media
Chile Chile visión, Canal 13
China CCTV Migu
Colombia Caracol TelevisiónRCN Televisión
Costa Rica Teletica
Croatia HRT
Curaçao TV Direct 13
Cyprus CyBC
Czech Republic ČTTV Nova
Denmark DRTV 2
Dominican Republic CDN 37
Ecuador Teleamazonas
El Salvador TCS
Estonia ERR
Europe EBU
France TF1, beIN Sports
Finland Yle, MTV3
Georgia GPB
Germany ARD, ZDF, Deutsche Telekom
Greece ANT1
Guatemala TV Azteca, Tigo Sports
Honduras Televicentro
Hong Kong PCCW
Hungary MTVA
Iceland RÚV
Indian subcontinent Viacom18, Jiocenema
Indonesia Klikdaily, Emtek
Ireland RTÉ
Israel IPBC
Italy RAI
Japan Dentsu, Abema
Kazakhstan Kazakh TV
Kosovo RTK
Latin America Vrio Corp
Latvia LTV
Liechtenstein SRG, SSR
Lithuania LRT
Macau TDM
Malaysia Astro, RTM
Malta PBS
MENA beIN Sports
Mexico Televisa, TV Azteca
Moldova TRM
Mongolia Central Television
Montengero RTCG
Nepal Media Hub
Netherlands NOS
New Zealand Sky
North Macedonia MRT
Norway NRK, TV 2
Pakistan ARY Digital Network
Panama RPC, TVN
Paraguay SNT, Telefuturo, Trece, TyC Sports, Tigo Sports
Peru Latina Televisión
Philippines TAP DMV
Poland TVP
Portugal RTP, SIC, Sport TV, TVI
Romania TVR
Russia Match TV
Senegal RTS
Serbia RTS
Slovakia RTVS
Slovenia RTV
South Africa SABC
South Korea SBS, KBS, MBC
Spain RTVE, Mediapro, Movistar Plus+
Sub-Saharan Africa SuperSport, New World TV
Suriname SCCN, STVS
Sweden SVTTV4
Switzerland SRG SSR
Taiwan ELTA
Trinidad and Tobago CNC3
Turkey TRT
Ukraine Suspilne
United Kingdom BBC, ITV
United States Fox, Telemundo
Uruguay ANTEL, Canal 4, Canal 10, Teledoce, TyC Sports
Uzbekistan MTRK
Venezuela Televen
Vietnam VTV

World Cup 2026 top Players by country

One factor that always makes the World Cup stand out is the experience of getting to watch the best players from each continent compete on the same stage. This is a rarity that makes the global showpiece one of the most anticipated sporting competitions in the world. As with other World Cup competitions, there are many top-flight players to look out for in the upcoming tournament, including.

  • Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Similarly to Ronaldo, The eight-time Ballon D’Or winner will be gracing the World Cup tournament for the last time, which brews high expectations. Having suffered a drop in form since his move to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), we are looking at Messi to remind us of his genius at this World Cup.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Cristiano Ronaldo has so far defined himself to be a big-game player – not only on club stages, but equally on national stages. For years, Ronaldo has been instrumental in helping Portugal qualify for different World Cup tournaments. We expect to see him give his absolute best this time around, as this could be his last World Cup appearance.

  • Harry Kane (England)

Over the years, the England captain has proven to be a top performer in national competitions. The tenacity he continues to display suggests that this tournament will be no different. Kane has scored 49 goals playing for England and ranks second on the list of highest goalscorers with the Three Lions, only behind Wayne Rooney with 53 goals. With just four goals separating him from top spot, it is not too tall of a dream to expect Kane to surpass Rooney’s record at this World Cup.

  • Luka Modric (Croatia)

Through Modric’s performance in the Champions League this season, he has proven that class is permanent. The Real Madrid star has always been a top performer when it comes to national competitions. As he features in his last World Cup tournament, we expect him to bring his playmaking brilliance to spice up the Croatian side.

  • Karim Benzema (France)

“The older the wine, the better it gets.” This has been the case for Benzema. Despite his age, the top-flight striker has been a relentless goalscorer. Playing on a star-studded French side, we expect to see a basket of cinematic goals from this Madridista. He is the current favourite to win this years’ Ballon d’Or, and a gold medal here could seal the deal for his quest.

  • Robert Lewandowski(Poland)

Lewandowski has proven to be the king on German soil and was recently awarded as the FIFA Men’s Player of the Year. Arguably the most prolific centre-forward of the past decade, he will also be playing his last World Cup tournament. With that in mind, we expect him to bring his A-game in order to leave a lasting impression.

  • Kylian Mbappe (France)

The PSG star clinched his first World Cup title at his first appearance, in 2018. The Frenchman became the youngest player in the modern era to win the World Cup – a feat conquered at just 18 years old. He is also the youngest player since Pele to score in a decisive World cup final game.

Many already see him as the heir to Ronaldo and Messi. Another triumph here could see him attain his own legendary status at a young age.

  • Neymar (Brazil)

By his own standards, Neymar has flopped for the majority of this season. However, he is one player that always hits full gear with his national team. We have seen Neymar shoulder much expectation on the national front. He has delivered so much that, without him on the pitch, Brazil often looks ordinary.

The above statement is further supported by his last performance at the Copa America tournament. We can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeves this time.

  • Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)

Is he currently the best midfielder in world football? Many seem to think so. De Bruyne has proven himself at the club level, but, in national colours, certain let-down has been prevalent.

Yet again, he will be looking to prove himself yet at this 2022 World Cup. With a fully-stacked Belgium side to support his pursuit, De Bruyne will be eager to lead his side to glory in the upcoming competitions.

How to buy tickets for Qatar World Cup 2026

Tickets to watch games live at the World Cup can be purchased online via the official FIFA website. Any fan with an intention to buy tickets must register an account on FIFA’s ticket portal.

In the initial sales period, which ended on March 29th, over 800,000 tickets were sold. A large portion of the tickets were purchased by fans in England, Qatar, Mexico, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

The second round of ticket sales concluded on April 29th. Meaning that, at the time of writing, at least one million tickets would have been sold. The ticketing format used for this phase was a “random selection draw sales period”.

There is to be a third and final round of ticket sales, which will take place later in the year, just before World Cup 2022 begins.


Having assessed what this edition of the World Cup holds so far, it promises to be exciting for the fans and players, alike. Qatar 2022 already has all the makings of a memorable World Cup event that will leave us talking about it for decades to come.