Qatar World Cup 2022 – Which is the group of death?

The draws for the 2022 edition of the World Cup have been held and we are already looking forward to seeing some nice matchups.

We will look at the eight groups in this article and attempt to figure out which group can be considered the group of death.

GROUP A: Qatar, Senegal, The Netherlands, Ecuador

The hosts Qatar are the minnow side in this group, but they will be hoping to pull an upset similar to South Korea when they co-hosted the 2002 World Cup with Japan.

African Cup of Nations winners Senegal will have their toughest test against The Netherlands but South Americans Ecuador could bring that tough style which the continent’s football is popular for to upset the group.

GROUP B: England, Iran, USA, European Playoffs

This group could turn out to be the eventual group of death with the presence of England and the USA.

The Islamic Republic of Iran are the third side in the group, and off the pitch, the three nations have bones to pick with each other.

One of Wales, Scotland or Ukraine will be confirmed as the final team in the group by June from the European playoffs. Aside Ukraine, Wales and Scotland also have bones to pick with England off the pitch.

This could lead to the group actually turning out to be the group of death, but if the quality of football is not as expected, it will surely be the most politically tense group in recent World Cup history.

GROUP C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Argentina and Mexico have a football rivalry which means their game will provide high levels of excitement for fans. However, the other two teams in the group are not as impressive on the international scene.

Fans will also be looking forward to the Lionel Messi vs Robert Lewandowski battle when Argentina and Poland face off, but this group is far from being a group of death.

GROUP D: France, Denmark, Tunisia, UAE/Australia/Peru

France and Denmark drawn together will get the fans hyped for this group, but the other two teams will soften the excitement.

Both European teams are playing some really good football and France is even touted to be the first team to defend their World Cup title successfully.

After the intercontinental playoffs in June, one of Australia, Peru and the United Arab Emirates will join the group. But France vs Denmark is the only exciting match in the group, taking away the possibility of this group being the group of death.

GROUP E: Spain, Costa Rica/New Zealand, Germany, Japan

Like group D, the two European teams hold the most promise for excitement in this group. It is also closest to being the group of death.

This is because Japan is an exciting team, as is Costa Rica. If the North Americans scale past the hurdle of New Zealand in their June intercontinental playoffs, this could be the group of death.

GROUP F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

This is the most evenly matched group in the World Cup. Belgium recently lost their spot as the world’s number one team but their performances of late are not exactly deserving of their current number two spot.

Canada, Morocco and Croatia are three teams who are also very exciting to watch in their confederations. On paper they are comparable which could make their matches exciting.

This also makes their group a possible group of death.

GROUP G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

This is the strongest contender for the group of death in this edition of the World Cup.

Brazil is the world power in football at the moment, and Cameroon is one of the scariest teams in Africa with a squad that is not devoid of running. Serbia and Switzerland are two very technical teams who are patient on and off the ball and know how to wear opponents down.

It will be amazing to see how the European teams will match the speed and power of the Cameroonians and the speed, flair and technical prowess of the Brazilians.

GROUP H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

The only fixture that could make fans very interested in this group is Uruguay against Ghana. The Ghanaians – and Africa by extension – have a beef with Uruguay for denying them the chance of a quarter final in 2010.

Ghana would have been the first African team to make it to the semifinal and would have stood a chance to give the continent its first World Cup title.

The other games would be run of the mill, but South Korea could provide an upset in the group.

At the end of it all, Group E looks like the toughest on paper, with each side boasting quality of an upset or ability enough to qualify to the next round of the competition.

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