Al Bayt Stadium | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Also known as the Al Khor Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium will showcase the region’s penchant for ingenuity and efficiency as well as sustainability. The structure is covered by an enormous tent. It has a retractable roof and will serve as one of the major venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Construction of this stadium started in 2015. It was the first stadium to start construction. It is located in the pearl diving city of Al Khor, roughly 35km north of Doha. Several companies were responsible for the construction of the Al Bayt Stadium. The WeBuild S.p.A and Cimolai were given the green light in 2015 to begin the construction. Dar Al-Handasah designed the Al Bayt Stadium with the traditional tents of the Bedouins as its inspiration.

The area can also accommodate 1000 taxis and water taxis. Its onsite parking area can hold up to 350 buses and 6000 cars.

Interesting facts about Al Bayt Stadium

  • The name Al Bayt came from bayt al sha’arwhich is a tent used by the nomadic people in the country and in the entire region.1 Covered seating will provide more comfort to sporting fans.
  • The stadium was awarded the Class A rating for its highly efficient construction process. It was also given a certificate of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio Compliance.
  • The Global Sustainability Assessment System or the GSAS has awarded the stadium for its unique design and construction process. For its design, the stadium was awarded by GSAS with five stars.
  • The stadium can accommodate up to 60,000 spectators and will have nine matches and the semi-final stage. It will be the second busiest stadium during the world cup.
  • The Al Bayt Stadium is the second-largest stadium in Qatar. Lusail Stadium is the biggest in terms of seating capacity.
  • The design shows ingenuity as well as practicality. The tent structure along with the retractable roof offers more comfort to the football fans as it helps the stadium’s cooling system provide a comfortable temperature.

The Al Bayt Stadium was one of the seven stadiums in the country that was converted for the international football event. It was inaugurated last November 30th, 2021. A match between the host country and Bahrain graced the opening of the stadium which coincides with the FIFA Arab Cup 2021. Qatar edged Bahrain 1-nil.

After the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Like most stadiums in the country, the Al Bayt Stadium will also be refurbished, repurpose, and retrofitted. From a huge 60,000 seater stadium, it will be reduced to a manageable 32,000 stadium.2 Excess seats will then be donated to other countries across the globe. A portion of the stadium like the skybox level will be turned into a five-star hotel. Moreover, a shopping center complete with a food court, gym, coffee shops, dining areas, and health facility will be placed strategically in the stadium long after the games. Other areas will feature open green spaces proving that the country is serious when it comes to going green and sustainability.

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